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ASRI 2011 Acquisition: Neptune Heat Treating

Underscoring the interest of Analytic Stress to service the entire Gulf Coast Market, ASRI is proud to announce the acquisition of Neptune Heat Treating in Corpus Christi, Texas. The acquisition will enhance both companies by combining their resources of heat treating expertise, equipment, manpower, and reducing response time/costs to our customers.

Other ASRI Acquisitions

All Heat Treaters Are Not Alike
Cost effectiveness can be seriously affected by those differences. Taking all factor in consideration, including schedule impact and impact on other crafts.
The only viable choice is Analytic Stress

Industries Served


The Analytic Stress team of supervisors and technicians work together, and with our customers' representatives to provide the highest quality workmanship with the lowest cost possible. We have an excellent record for "Critical Path" and "High Profile" projects while still maintaining Safety, Quality and Budget Considerations.

We look forward to working with you on up-coming projects and providing services for the following industries:

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