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About Analytic Stress

Analytic Stress made a commitment to quality, safety and the customer when the company started in the Fall of 1979. That commitment is as strong today as it was when the company started.

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Analytic Stress Relieving
Preheating, Bake-outs, Stress Relieving, Refractory and Coating Cures, Line Thaws, and Furnace Applications
Whatever your Requirement, Analytic Stress stands ready to assist you.


It is Analytic Stress's policy to utilize a planned team effort toward the objective of preventing injuries and occupational illnesses of its employees and contractors, to protect its property from damage and loss and to provide for the safety and health of the general public in association with company operations. Therefore, all work is done in a safe manner, incorporating good safety practices and procedures, that
will comply with all applicable domestic and international laws.

Analytic Stress bases its occupational safety and health efforts on the following:

  • All injuries can be prevented.
  • Management is responsible for creating the conditions which will prevent injuries.
  • All employees and contractors are ultimately responsible for their own personal safety.
  • Working safely is a condition of employment for company employees and contractors.
  • All operating exposures can be safeguarded.
  • Training employees and contractors to work safely is essential.
  • Prevention of personal injuries is good business.