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ASRI 2011 Acquisition: Neptune Heat Treating

Underscoring the interest of Analytic Stress to service the entire Gulf Coast Market, ASRI is proud to announce the acquisition of Neptune Heat Treating in Corpus Christi, Texas. The acquisition will enhance both companies by combining their resources of heat treating expertise, equipment, manpower, and reducing response time/costs to our customers.

Other ASRI Acquisitions

All Heat Treaters Are Not Alike
Cost effectiveness can be seriously affected by those differences. Taking all factor in consideration, including schedule impact and impact on other crafts.
The only viable choice is Analytic Stress

ASRI Commitment

Analytic Stress Relieving specializes in the defined process control of thermal heating, which in turn, provides high-quality heat-treating services for our customers.  ASRI offers a comprehensive menu of heat-treating services consisting of preheat, stress relief, refractory dry-out, coating cures, line thaws, and bake outs, along with the skilled and experienced personnel and state of the art equipment to meet or exceed your heat-treating requirements.

Since 1979, Analytic Stress has been driven to help plant owners and contractors in the refining, petrochemical, power generation, fabrication, off-shore, and pulp & paper industries achieve improved metallurgical properties from proper heat-treating services. We consistently "set the bar" for customer satisfaction, reliability, safety, and quality in the heat-treating industry.

Before mobilizing to any project, we work to anticipate potential problems and resolve them before the job starts. We work closely with our customers planners/schedulers to ensure the right equipment and personnel are dispatched for each job. With that type of planning, Analytic Stress successfully completes complex projects safely, on-time, and within budget constraints.

With over twenty-six (26) years experience, a full complement of field resources, and a competent management team, Analytic Stress is well-equipped to fulfill its obligations for safe high-quality heat treating services.


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