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Since 1979, Analytic Stress has been committed to remaining the most trustworthy, reliable, and talented on and off-site heat treatment contractor in the industry.

With hundreds of rigs, consoles, and furnaces strategically located along the Gulf Coast and throughout the country, more than 350 qualified technicians in our workforce, and over 400 years of combined managerial experience at our disposal, we are equipped to provide you with the highest quality workmanship at the lowest possible cost.

  • "Performance and Analytic Stress have been a team for the past 30+ years. Never has Performance had any issues with the quality and overall service of any of the Analytic group. We have probably teamed up together on projects that required information and records required by clients that made things a challenge but somehow pulled it off. Even when the schedule seems impossible to meet you guys seem to come up with a plan to help us meet our client's needs. We all know this industry doesn't always give us advanced notices of the next project or schedule of the project. When looking back over the years there have always been other options put on the table for our needs, but you guys have consistently proven that you are up to any challenge, day or night. In my opinion, the only way I even consider another stress-relieving company is if I am advised by you guys and I don't see that happening."

    - Adam Alleman, Shop Superintendent, Performance Contractors

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  • "Arkema uses Analytic Stress for several reasons. The service is professional, the quality is excellent, and the equipment is always in top working order. Their technicians are safe and knowledgeable of the work they perform. Analytic Stress can handle large jobs no matter the configuration, and they are able to provide solutions for tough problems. They are available to respond no matter when you call; you can count on them to provide what you need when you need it. Analytic Stress treats Arkema Beaumont as if we are their only customers!"

    - Dennis Albrecht, Maintenance Manager, Thiochemicals, Arkema Inc.

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  • "Basically, if you're not using Analytic Stress you're going about your business the wrong way! Cody and Daryl are top-notch guys, and they take care of our needs. From quick turn around on quotes to making sure the jobs are turned out in a timely manner. They're also really good community partners... with their support of local charitable organizations and youth sports teams. Analytic Stress is our go-to supplier for stress relieving, and they should be yours too!"

    - Doug Polzin, Plant Manager, Farmer's Alloy Fabricating

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  • "I choose Analytic Stress because they're dependable and even on short notice I know I can call them and they will do everything they can to help me out. The staff has always been honest, knowledgeable, and back up their work 100%."

    - Joseph Olivares, BOP Mechanical Planner, ExxonMobil Chemical

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  • "Offshore Energy Services, Inc. (OES) chose Analytic Stress for two (2) key reasons: (1) People; (2) technically superior equipment. People are the powerhouse of a company and Analytic Stress is no exception. The late Patrick Gauthier and Chase Richard have always answered their phone when the unexpected arises. I know of no other company in this line of business that is always there when needed."

    - Jude Boudreaux, Operations Support Manager, Offshore Energy Services, Inc.

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  • "In the past, Analytic has provided my jobs with timely service, a reasonable price, and employees that were reliable with good attitudes. I will recommend Analytic Stress for all my jobs!"

    - Ronnie Strickland, QA/QC Site Manager, Babcock & Wilcox

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  • "Performance Contractor's Port Allen Fab Shop uses Analytic Stress for all of our stress relieving needs. No matter the job, or how fast we need them, they are always on time and meet our schedule. The office personal are always ready and willing to help with any request we may have for them. The personnel who come to the shop for pre-heat maintenance and localizing spools are always professional."

    - Trey Coppola, Shop QC Manager, Performance Contractors

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