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With 100 plus mobile rigs in our fleet ranging in capacity from 12 to 24 circuit units, Analytic Stress is prepared to respond to your individual needs quickly and efficiently. Our onboard generator rigs are self-contained, five-ton truck chassis complete with enclosed cargo boxes, generators, power consoles, and control rooms to minimize real estate and maximize mobility.

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Analytic Stress is equipped with 550 resistance consoles supplying up to 18 controlled outputs. These units operate on a 3-phase, 480-volt power input using a step-down transformer to supply an 85-volt output with a 100% duty cycle of the flexible ceramic pads. We offer a variety of control systems depending on your specific application and requirements.


Creating value for our customers is priority at Analytic Stress, and embracing technology is one of the ways we achieve that goal. Our Heatwave Wireless Control System is the most state-of-the-art communication and equipment technology on the market today. Using proprietary components, software and techniques not available to the general industry, Analytic Stress designs and manufactures the Heatwave system in-house, continuing our tradition of leading the market.

These wireless machines are equipped with programmable logic controllers, allowing the heat to be managed outside of the unit and hot zone, but operated, controlled, and managed on-site with our proprietary interface software. Dual operating capability allows the equipment to be operated in either the traditional manual mode or the remote state-of-the-art wireless mode. Our independently supported system does not require internet, cellular or satellite signals, making it robust, versatile and ideal for even the most remote geographic locations.

  • Increases quality and safety while reducing cost
  • Maximizes quality control by managing an entire turnaround from an on-site control room, providing the customer one location to gather any information about the ongoing project
  • Reduces labor costs of large projects by optimizing on-site manpower
  • Minimizes personnel in high-traffic work areas, providing a safe jobsite and protecting all employees
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Analytic Stress has a fleet of 30 induction-heating and bolt-removal consoles, ranging in size from 120Kw to 240Kw with a wide operating frequency of 3Khz to 12Khz. Ideal for a multitude of heating applications, these power supplies are water-cooled and equipped with self-contained water supply systems, making them versatile, compact and mobile.


Our 50 combustion heating systems are NFPA-approved with thermal capacities of up to 10 million BTU. They are complete with gas-control cabinets, high-velocity burners, high-volume pressure blowers, cabling and hoses. Operating on natural gas or propane, these dual-fuel systems offer flexible portability for an efficient, cost-effective solution to your heating needs.

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Analytic Stress has 28 calibrated and surveyed combustion-fired furnaces strategically located along the Gulf Coast, ranging in size from 5 to 50 feet and equipped with the necessary crane capacity for each. Our furnaces are designed with fixed-based hearths to provide the foundation needed for heavy loads and to eliminate the risk of damage caused by shifting work pieces due to rolling or closing hearths.

Because Analytic Stress is committed to responding quickly to our customers' individual needs, we offer Rapid Response One-Day Service along with pickup and delivery when needed.

Analytic Stress has the ability to build temporary field furnaces on-site as well as permanent furnaces to suite your needs. Call your local Analytic Stress representative today to discuss all the options.


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