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Flexible Ceramic Pads (FCPs) may be the most recognizable method of heat treatment in our industry. FCP's resistance to the glow of electric current generates heat and is transferred through the process of conduction.

FCPs can be operated individually, in small groups or by the thousands on a massive heating project, providing optimal temperature control and accuracy. When your heat treatment project requires mobility, flexibility, and control accuracy, Analytic Stress' electrical resisitance heat treatment is the best route to go.

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At Analytic Stress, our combustion firing units are NFPA-approved high-velocity tempered air systems, (HTVA), with ratings of up to 10 million BTU and a turn-down ratio of 100:1. These portable systems offer versatility for placement on and around large structures to accurately control the temperature in all areas within the massive volume of space. All units are operated only by certified Analytic Stress combustion technicians. When your project involves a massive volume of space, Analytic Stress' combustion post-weld held treatments can meet your heating needs with the highest level of quality and safety.


Analytic Stress employs more than 20-plus Induction Field Specialist with an average of 10-plus years of experience and managers with more than 25-years of experience in the induction discipline. Four (4) self-contained water systems and 3 remote data acquisition systems that can be shipped anywhere in the world. Unlike many Heat Treatment companies that outsource Induction Heating Services, Analytic Stress’ Induction projects are performed by our own trained and certified technicians who are committed to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

When your heat treatment project involves bolt stretching, nut heating, turning apparatuses, tube removal, or expansion/shrink fitting, call Analytic Stress for a hassle-free service performed by induction heat treatment experts with decades of experience in induction heating services.

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Analytic Stress has the largest number of fixed-base furnaces on the Gulf Coast, with 28 strategically located between Corpus Christi, Texas and Mobile, Alabama. Our extensive equipment availability means you can complete your heating project in the most efficient, cost-effective way possible.

Our unique equipment design consists of a one-piece furnace that travels on twin rails and closes against a fixed wall. Our furnaces are designed with fixed hearths that provide the foundation needed for extremely heavy loads-up to 50 tons-and eliminate the risk of damage caused by shifting workpieces due to rolling or closing hearths. Analytic Stress’ furnaces are quality-assured with surveys and calibrations compliant with the most stringent of standards, including API.


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